We specialize in providing prayer coverings, amish steel hair pins, keepers at home magazines, costumes, for the plain living community. Most products are made in the USA and and by the staff of Mennonite Maidens.

S.H.W. White Eastern Prayer Covering with White Clips and Amish Hair Pins

S.H.W. White Eastern Prayer Covering with White Clips and Amish Hair Pins
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Product Description


  • White quality S.H.W. fabric

How To Wear the Covering:

  • Part your hair down the middle.  Rolls the sides of your hair and clip in place.  Very neatly place your hair in a bun in the middle of the back of your head. For full hair, your bun should be pinned flat close to your head.  For all other types it works best to place your hair in a pony tail.  While twisting your hair in one direction, counter clock wise, start to form a bun.  Secure with Amish Steel Pins.
  • Place the covering on by lowering it from crown first, tucking in any side strains of hair, and then over and the bun.  The back covering should touch the back nap of your neck.

How to Meausure for your fit:

  • If you were wearing a bandana, take a fabric measuring tape and measure the circumfernce of the outside edge, closest to your forehead, all the way around.  This is the circumference of the prayer covering.

Description and Size of the Covering

  • High quality white S.H.W fabric, eastern covering with 7 pleats on each side. Ribbon is attached. Covering is measured in total circumference around the outside brim

How to Secure the Covering

  • Fasten covering with white clips on each side above the ears or with a straight pin on the top of your head by weaving it over the fabric and under the hair.

How to Care for Your Covering

  • When the covering is mailed it may loose some of its shape.  With a hot iron, no steam, iron the inside of the covering around the brim. Move the iron in a vertical position (in a quick fashion) It is not necessary to iron the back and do not try to iron from the outside of the covering.  The material is delicate.  If the covering is flattened by accident, you can still ironing it back into shape by the description above. 

Return Policy

  • Returns are accepted if the seller sent the wrong size or there is something wrong with the covering with no charge to the buyer.  Flaws in the covering do not include excess thread that needs to be cut although we we try hard to not have this happen.  No returns will be accepted if the buyer does not contact the seller via email at mennonitemaiden@yahoo.com  and receive a confirmation.  Do not buy coverings for an event and then return the covering. Return will be for exchange only.  If you purchased the wrong size, include 3.00 to have a  new covering to you and return the covering.  Coverings will only be mailed after the orginial covering is received.
  • Return covering to seller first class shipping only via the usps to Mennonite Maidens, PO Box 6102, Woodbridge, VA 22195.   Please ensure you take accurate measuring of your size before buying.  If the circumference is to small the covering will not fit and be to snug, squeezing the covering towards the back of your head.  A covering should be comfortable.