We specialize in providing prayer coverings, amish steel hair pins, keepers at home magazines, costumes, for the plain living community. Most products are made in the USA and and by the staff of Mennonite Maidens.
We offer custom made clothing for plain living people. Most items are made from 100% cotton material.

Our contact information
Mennonite Maidens
P.O. Box 6102
Woodbridge, VA 22195
(703) 622-3018
email: mennonitemaiden@yahoo.com

Shipping Information:

Custom orders will take 1 weeks except for prayercovering. Most items are being premade ahead of time to avoid this issue.

Refund, Returns and Cancellation Policies: No refunds for custom orders or headcoverings. All other items have to be preapproved and there will be a retocking fee of 15%. No refunds on shipping.