We specialize in providing prayer coverings, amish steel hair pins, keepers at home magazines, costumes, for the plain living community. Most products are made in the USA and and by the staff of Mennonite Maidens.

The Christian Homestead by Mennonite Maidens

The Christian Homestead by Mennonite Maidens
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Mennonite Maidens is very excited to announce we are in the process of creating and developing a bi annual, Christian based magazine for homesteader and plain living people. We would love to have our customers participate in sharing some of their own life experiences, joys in life, recipes, tips and ideas.

We encourage anyone who is interested in submitting written materials to fill out an online fillable form located at the bottom of the homepage of www.mennonitemaiden.com or access directly at http://site.mennonitemaiden.com/Forms/machform/view.php?id=2

If your article is published, you will receive one year subscription for free. This is a limited offer and subject to change.