We specialize in providing prayer coverings, amish steel hair pins, keepers at home magazines, costumes, for the plain living community. Most products are made in the USA and and by the staff of Mennonite Maidens.

Amish Steel Straight Hairpins, Various Sizes

Amish Steel Straight Hairpins, Various Sizes
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Product Description

Amish Hairpins now available. Stainless steel, silver, 3, 2.5, and 2 inch hairpins made in Lancaster, PA.

Pins do not bend easily like store bought bobby pins. For long light hair, the most I need to secure a bun is two pins. If hair is placed in a bun wet, one pin is sufficient. Excellent product. 12 pins per pack.

These are mailed first class and shipping will be no less than 4.50. It is economical to order more than one set of pins.

The 2 inch hair pins are excellent as a wedding accessory as well.